Paper broom & dustpan

This highly original and functional paper broom and dustpan set will bring a smile to your face every time you clean your desk!

It was a challenge for the designer to transform a piece of paper into a household tool in a minimum process. It's a cleaning tool that has a characteristic of the material and the clean image of the paper. You can use it when you want to clean up on your desk without using a vacuum cleaner. It's a delicate paper product, which won't last too long, but you can also replace it and keep it clean. Using this broom will help you sweep away real cobwebs, it is also a great meditative activity to help you get rid of your mental cobwebs.

Made in Japan.


Material: Paper

Kamihouki/ Paper broom size: 129 x 100 x 115 mm

Kamichiritori/ Paper dustpan size: 182 x 100 x 257 mm

Package size: 260 x 190.

*Reduced from £10 to £8!


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  • Paper broom & dustpan
  • Paper broom & dustpan
  • Paper broom & dustpan
  • Paper broom & dustpan
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