FARM is many things at once. They are a cross disciplinary design practice, a curatorial team, and a community-centred arts organization based in Singapore.Their name is derived from their wish to cultivate a culture of imagination. Underpinning all they do is a belief that joyful creativity is essential in all our lives. FARM endeavours to share the delight in each of their project.

Since 2005, FARM has worked on community projects promoting the arts. They organise national public art competitions and events, free talks by designers and artists, and run an online creative portal. In 2007, FARM established its cross-disciplinary design arm. In collaboration with artists and designers, they work on a diverse range of projects in all areas of design.

‘Apostrophe S’ is a product-making process by FARM. Through this system, they collaborate with a network of local designers, artists, institutions and manufacturers making and distributing products with a twist of the Singapore identity. The ‘Made For Sam’ range started as a curatorial collaboration between Apostrophe S and the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) to present a range of locally-designed products that reflect art in everyday objects and which people can own and take home with them.

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