Copy paper memo pad

This minimalist carbonless paper memo pad is easier to use than digital devices. Write a memo and make multiple copies in one go, then share the information with your colleagues, friends and family.


1. Choose the number of sheets you need.

2. Use the front cover card as a setting board.

3. Write something with a ballpoint pen.

4. Peel the sheets off along the perforations.

Choose between a 8mm ruled yellow paper pad or a 5 mm dotted white paper pad.

Made in Japan.


Material: Carbonless paper/ card paper (cover).

Colours: Yellow cover with yellow paper (8 mm ruled)/ Black cover with white paper (5 mm dotted).

Pages: 120 sheet.

Size: 7.4 × 10.5 cm.

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  • Copy paper memo pad
  • Copy paper memo pad
  • Copy paper memo pad
  • Copy paper memo pad
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